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Over 15 Years of Excellence in Dog Training

Proudly serving New Jersey and Virginia dog owners for well over a decade, KrushK9 provides highly experienced dog training services that compliment your every need. Our training techniques allow you the opportunity to build the loving and trustworthy relationship that you and your companion deserve.

KrushK9 Dog Training

With a full line of personalized services and hands on experience, we aim to repair unpredictable behavioral tendencies with the utmost love and care, as we consider your family a part of ours. We strive to be among the best dog trainers in the industry by continuing to learn and grow our programs in an effort to guarantee visible results right away.

At KrushK9, we understand the importance of providing trainees with innovative techniques and programs that help reach their full potential and rehabilitation needs. Our knowledge, successful track record and excellent customer service over the years has allowed us to acquire a reputation that speaks for itself. KRUSHK9 is committed to bringing successful services to you and your companion in preparation of a safe and bright future.

The name KrushK9 was inspired by Paul’s first two companions, Kora and Rush. His love and passion for them both is what drives Paul to make his dog training the very best it can be.

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Meet Paul

Meet Paul

Dog Lover / Expert Trainer

As a former member of the police force, Paul has taken his past experiences in various dog training practices to build his future that is now KrushK9. The lessons he has learned and skills he has acquired over the course of his career has contributed to his comprehensive understanding of dog behavior on a significantly higher, more professional level. Paul prides himself in his integrity and strong belief that there is a difference in “demanding” respect and “commanding” respect.

Paul has allowed his knowledge of active thinking, problem solving techniques and dog handling skills to create a successful dog training business today. He has devoted much of his time to working alongside some of the best local K-9 handlers, helping further enhance his ability to connect with canines and their families.

Paul’s heart lies in healing behavioral problems in a safe and time efficient manner. His passion for dogs and the training process progresses each and every day, helping mold him into the expert he is today.

As a dog trainer with a leading edge in the industry, Paul guarantees that his practices and techniques are the solution you’ve been looking for.